Actions and project in South India

Give a goat

Rakhi Founfation, its donors, and Enlight Mission work to ensure that every family in a village receives a goat.

Why a goat?
• A supply of milk to the children
• A protein supply to the whole family, by the meat
• A family bond, by breeding
• Productive capital, through herd development

Goats are bought full on the cattle market and then distributed to the village.


Give a goat

Support women’s financial autonomy

Because of donations, training is organized for women.

Mechanical sewing machines are available in our training center in Alampoondi, an embroidery workshop is also available. A women’s savings group was formed in 2019.


Women’s training

Participate in the education of children

Donations finance the schooling of children and allows the establishment of activities.

School support is organized at night in the villages, as most of the parents are illiterate. Music, dance and theater workshops are also organized for children. And since January 2019, painting workshops, with the Constellation association.


With children