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Become a donor, give back dignity

Beyond material assistance, it is dignity that you give to the Irulars, a highly discriminated tribe.

  • Sixty euros to offer a goat: a goat represents a significant gain for a family, for its economy and organization.
  • One hundred and fifty euros for the training of a woman: the training offers a woman the opportunity to obtain autonomy.
  • Thirty euros a month to send a child to school: the help provided supports school fees, school supplies and a child’s uniform.
  • Any participation is welcome for the creation of a training center: currently, we are looking for finances for the creation of a training center so that teenagers can learn a trade.

Your donation entitles you to a tax reduction of 66%, a tax receipt will be sent to you upon receipt.


Where is the money going?

Funds raised are managed by Rahki Foundation, and projects are implemented by Enlight Mission. Albert Velankany organizes and supervises this implementation.

The headquarters of the association is in the village of Alampoondi, eighty kilometers northwest of Pondicherry. Albert Velankanni is surrounded by a good team of young volunteers.

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